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SCRIVO (Pseudonym of De SCHRIJVER Arsène, Joseph) (Borsbeke 1942).
Belgian Non Configuration Painter.

Painter. Evening courses at the Academy of Brussels (1959).
He started working in 1964 for the City of Brussels, as organizer of exhibitions. Because of this he was steadily in contact with home and foreign artists. (Picasso, Chagall, Alechinsky; Appel, Dotremont, Corneille, Mogens Bale, Mendelson, Quinet, Colon, Plomteux, Hick, Lorjou e.a.).

Belongs as a painter to that group of artists who express their emotions in a direct artistic language. His paintings are always a rendition of his state of mind on that particular moment. Nothing is controlled, it is a spontaneous eruption of his complex mind. With fast, nervous brushstrokes, once feverish, once fearful and sometimes applied peacefully, he narrates in intense colors about tenderness, warmth, music. Often it is a cry as a reaction against events that hurt him.

This is for the artist the only and right way to communicate his message and allows him to eternalize his vision on the canvas. About his works with the title: "Life's different roads" the artist tells: "These works are all made for the pure pleasure of painting. On this moment I forget time and my only communication happens through the lines that I paint. I want to bring the line to life, so that she would exist in itself to travel as a line through my canvas while she shows my emotions of this particular moment. For me the line is the God of painting. I want to put it on a throne before the canvas.

The artist describes his work as a whole in the following way: "Actually I'm a very classical painter. I paint lines between four lines. I transfer my emotions and preoccupations with a gestual spontaneity on the canvas. The lines that result from this movement reflect no pictorial configuration but form a whole, as a kind of fingerprint that reflects a perfect self-portrait."

From the press: "When we look calmly at the paintings of Scrivo, we inevitably are carried away to another world that lets us forget the dark grey surroundings in which we live and we see the sun, the light and the colour. A true colour therapy". (H. Reinhard).

Scrivo succeeded in casting away the achievements of others from him, ban, release in the flood of evolutions. He has abandoned all styles, all schools, all -isms. He paints himself free from the heritage that others have left. He doesn't reject this heritage because it is eventually constituted from the elements that he uses, but from his painterly fought freedom, he gives these elements another dimension. He accepts the limitations of the pure painting and those are a canvas, four sides, lines and forms. He has even proceeded further. He has also expelled the forms. The recognizable and abstract forms. He only keeps the line and the color and with this he creates his universe. Scrivo controls always the whole from a spontaneous gestuality. The movements from the hand to the brush grows from the upwelling arm movements.

In that repeated game of physical movements is a structure that arises from the involvement of the mind. That structure that makes exist the final composition from brushstroke to brushstroke, varies according to the emotion, according to the evolution of the emotion. This whole of gestuality follows a particular physical rhythm and this rhythm extends the consciousness in an organic way through the brush in the material, paint. The physical and mental involvement and the interaction between both, creates an intense elasticity that moves Scrivo to say that his works don't have a pictorial configuration as purpose, but form a whole of digital prints who are each time reflections of his self-portrait. (Gijs Garré)

Work among others in the A.M.V.B. Brussels- Museum of Warschau- Ministère de la Culture Française- Ajuntament de Valldemossa Mallorca España- Museum Antioquia Colombia- K.B.W.B. Brussels- Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Zarzuela del Monte Segovia Espana-
MAC Museo de Arte Contemporaneo  Facultad de Artes  Universidad de Chile Santiago-
Gemeente Sint-Lievens-Houtem etc...



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